Ignore that!

Remember the wisdom of Eastern Europe guru Tim Snyder, nationalism apologist extraordinaire- If you criticize or point out the nationalist involvement with Maidan, it means you’re a Putin supporter. So as you browse these photos of a recent pro-Ukraine rally in New fucking York, just ignore the Praviy Sektor flags and slogans. Ignore the fact that we basically have the equivalent of the KKK organizing in full view on American streets and yet thanks to ignorance and stupid American notions such as slavishly and uncritically supporting anyone perceived to be an underdog, they can stand on a street corner with their fascist flags without any fear whatsoever.  Just as with the original Maidan, ignore the flags, ignore the symbols, and ignore the slogans, lest Dr. Snyder come and label you a supporter of Putin and his lapdog, Alexander Dugin.  Oh by the way, did you know that Maidan is an Arabic word?!

Before any dipshit comes along and says, “But those people are a minority,” let me preempt that idiotic excuse by asking you if you’d be prepared to accept people openly marching with Confederate or Nazi flags at your next political rally. I’ve grown sick of watching idiot Western liberals decide that only they and they alone get the privilege of organizing for their own interests, separately from those whose ideology they abhor. It’s a well-known fact that American libertarians and Ron Paul fanatics are outspoken critics of things such as foreign military interventions and the war on drugs. Yet privileged little American liberal doesn’t think he needs to embrace those groups just because they happen to share a similar position on a couple issues.  But if you’re Ukrainian or Syrian, well then your movement must be a big tent that includes everybody, even if that means violent fascist thugs or Islamic fundamentalist groups.  The important thing is that we have another “democratic revolution,” all made possible by Google and Twitter, of course, and that Western liberals can comfortably express their “solidarity” by changing profile pics, sharing hashtags, and passing viral videos around.  Having a distinct ideology and adhering to it is a luxury afforded only to Westerners.

So, Peter Protester and Sally Solidarity, unless you’re willing to march shoulder to shoulder with, for example, uniform-wearing, flag-bearing members of the National Socialist Movement, I suggest you shut the fuck up when principled people such as myself call out the far-right wing forces associated with Maidan and the current Ukrainian government. Rest assured that no matter how much I believe that the Crimea should be part of Ukraine, no matter how much I loathe the colonial theft that is “Novorossiya,” I will never lend my support to a regime in Kyiv which covers for, coddles, arms, and even glorifies right-wing fascist thugs, however small their actual numbers may be. They said they would make Ukraine “European,” and yet all this movement has done is set Ukraine on the path to becoming a smaller version of Putin’s Russia.





1 thought on “Ignore that!

  1. Estragon

    “They said they would make Ukraine “European,” – sure, if you mean the Europe of the 1930s. These folks’ concept of Europe is a little outmoded. Parading with a Nazi flag in today’s Germany will get you arrested, not praised.


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