This article is for anyone who read the previous entry and still refuses to acknowledge reality, specifically the fact that in a bid to maintain power ostensibly for life, Putin has pissed away the country’s future.  It backs up what I’ve been saying about Russia’s problems pre-dating the Ukrainian crisis significantly.

Now of course the usual suspects, many of them people not even living in Russia, will crow about how Russia, unlike every other country on the face of this planet, doesn’t need foreign capital to grow into a world superpower rivaling and even defeating the US. Sure, I guess that’s plausible to imagine that Russia somehow exists outside of the current mode of production.  I suppose we can believe that somehow Western living standards will finally take that nose-dive Russophiles and their fellow travelers have been predicting for decades, no doubt after having on gay pride parade too many.  Oh…wait…hang on. No. No none of that is even remotely believable. That is the stupidest claim I’ve ever heard.

For one thing, when the economy was growing in Russia, the dipshit squad was happy to point out all the investment she attracted. Yes, globalization was good! Russians now had iPhones and other gadgets! Look out, America! But the second one even mentions the prospects of economic collapse and the hardships that causes, suddenly those who elected themselves to speak for the Russian people insist that they value the spiritual over the material. They put the motherland above fancy imported consumer goods. Except they don’t. That has been put to the test and falsified.  This is what the 80’s and 90’s proved, and since the mentality of that era was never dealt with, it’s only a matter of time before it comes back in force.  Bottom line- Team Russia is happy to flaunt Russia’s participation in globalization when it suits them, but when Russia fails to maintain its competitiveness due to massive theft and corruption, they suddenly decide that Russia’s strength lies in “spiritual values,” AKA magic.

One last point I want to make- I realize that in recent days some people might get the idea that I’m being rather harsh with Russia. Well guess what- I live here. Putin’s desperate gambit to secure power affects me just as much as it does any Russian citizen. When your government fucks you, you should at the very least say something about it.  I don’t tell you RT fans in America to stop complaining about Obama, do I? Exactly. Now go fuck yourself. I’m no harder on Russia than literally millions of Russians, with whom I have lived for nearly a decade and who up till recently were extremely candid about the state of their society. If anything I’m more of a patriot than any of them and Russia’s self-appointed saviors, because at least I have faith in the idea that Russia doesn’t need a “strong leader” and an authoritarian society. Russia doesn’t have to be this way. Well, I had that faith, but dammit if it isn’t fading fast.


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