Greatest Whataboutist comment ever

So this American guy on the internet mentions that he had some problems clubbing in Moscow because of “face control.” It was obvious that he didn’t know what face control was, as in spite of its obviously English-inspired name, the term isn’t used in the West. Incidentally, I first learned what face control meant at Shooters in Kyiv. Strangely, they had no problem with my face the previous night.

Anyway, I explain what it means to the guy and suddenly this buttmad Russian pops up and says words to the effect of: “You mean there is no face control in the US? Guys and girls are allowed to go in any club they want?” It actually took me a few beats to realize that fuckhead was pulling a what about routine over “face control.”

Yes, this is “politically incorrect” Russia, where men are real men and where people don’t care what others think of them.


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