Short answer: No.

Still too busy to get into deep analysis of the news, but I did find this gem from the Moscow Times, entitled- Would Russia Be Better Off Under a Monarchy? It’s rather hilarious but the best part is where the author either intentionally or unintentionally admits that Iran has a more functioning democracy than Russia.  But as to the question of whether Russia would be better of as a monarchy, I refer the reader to the title of this entry.


3 thoughts on “Short answer: No.

  1. Estragon

    Actually I’ve long thought Russia would be better off as a constitutional monarchy, Spain providing a good example in the modern world of how a restored monarch can promote unity and social peace. But that train left the station long, long ago.

  2. Bandersnatch

    So there is this asshole commenting on that article called ‘provocateur’ and he keeps talking about how Russia shouldn’t have democ. because they don’t really want it and how a monarchy would be better for them…then someone rightfully points out that Russia lacks strong democ. institutions and a monarchy is scarcely the way to accomplish this..the instigator’s reply is, ‘Well, I know monarchy doesn’t build stronger institutions but it seems to.’ What the fuck? Go sit on a d!@#.

  3. Big Bill Haywood Post author

    Get used to that word “provocateur” when discussing politics with Russians. Like the word propaganda, they use it to describe people who call them on your bullshit. You can’t just be a person with free will and disagree with them- you need to be some kind of agent working as part of some sort of “information war.”

    In reality Russians do want democracy, they just don’t know it. Every time a Russian complains about corruption or some policy they don’t like, they are in fact complaining about a government that has no sense of accountability whatsoever. You can claim that American politicians(using American only because it is one of the worst democratic systems in existence) don’t feel accountable, but we cannot forget that there is a massive industry of campaign PR out there, and none of this would be necessary if the process were entirely controlled. You’d never have the concept of an “October surprise” if the elections weren’t real.

    Moreover, the Russian media and state continually reacts negatively to accusations that it isn’t democratic. They make a big show of elections and on paper they have more parties than the US. I’m sure Putin and some of his inner circle would love to just declare him President for Life or the new Tsar, but believe me, when this actually happens Russians won’t exactly be cheering for it. There won’t be any illusions any more.


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