Unfortunately between editing the first episode of the upcoming podcast and taking care of other business, I haven’t had time to do my commentary on this very intriguing article. So at least now it’s there for you to read, albeit without my take on it. I think you’ll do fine.

In other news, I was reading what Obama’s been saying about Syria lately and it’s amazing how this guy simply does not learn. I used to cringe when conservative family members called him “the worst president,” if only because we have had some really shitty presidents and I know that their knowledge of history is virtually nil and thus they have no frame of reference.  Now, however, I am afraid I must concur. Obama is, at least in the post-war era, the worst president of the US. Maybe it’s not him personally and the real problem is his cabinet or advisers, but I think that excuse only flies so far.  I reviled Bush but at least the guy didn’t support the same terrorists he claimed to be fighting.

Seriously this guy is as delusional as Putin at this point. The only good thing is that unlike Putin, Obama will be out of a job in 2017.


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