More Putin-no-Jitsu

Once again the Russian government has decided to “hit back” at the recent round of US/EU sanctions, and once again “hit back” means hurt its own people.  From the article:

“The Kremlin has pledged to support companies affected and on Friday Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said Russia may divert funds from its National Wealth Fund or from pensions.”

In plain English, this means they are going to bail out their biggest companies, which are owned by oligarchs, with people’s pension funds, the same thing they are doing to pay for their annexation of the Crimea.  Meanwhile, the government is busting its ass to cover up the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine. Mothers and family members who complain and raise their voice about their dead or wounded sons will be branded traitors and fifth columnists, by fat bearded losers who bought their way out of army service or whose children live abroad.

*For those not familiar with the martial art known as Putin-no-jitsu, click here.


1 thought on “More Putin-no-Jitsu

  1. Bandersnatch

    It is always a good idea to use pension funds as a reservoir for emergencies. That won’t lead to wide spread discontent in ten or so years. But hey…at least they have that China-owned high-speed Kazan train coming. I don’t think Putin realizes that China is a far greater threat to Russia than America even can be.


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