Actually, it is like that.

Do yourself a favor. Watch this video. It is, without any hyperbole whatsoever, one of the greatest moments in modern Russian history.

For those who browse Buzzfeed or Youtube, it sometimes seems as though Russia is non-stop wackiness being caught on film. Moreover, people such as comedian Jon Stewart have commented on the apparent apathy Russians show towards some bizarre sights, including the meteor over Chelyabinsk(incidentally the origin of the video above), and a tank which suddenly jumps onto the road in front of a driver.

Is life in Russia actually like a Buzzfeed article or Youtube compilation? Well perhaps not every day, but if you live here you will definitely see some weird shit. I sure have.  Russia sometimes hits you with these scenes as if to say, “Now this is happening.” Learn to deal with it. And if you can, get it on camera.






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