Make your own Putin article!

You too can sound like a professional journalist by writing your own article on the topic of Ukraine. Simply use no less than ten of the following phrases in a sequence of coherent sentences!

Doubling down

Putin’s cold gaze

…the former KGB agent

State-run TV

Cold Warriors

New Cold War

Neo-Stalinist Soviet Tsarism

Raising the stakes.


The West

European leaders

Looking eastward

Gas and oil

Dependency on natural resources

sphere of influence


Evidence has surfaced that despite the cold gaze of the former KGB agent Putin, Cold Warriors believe he is actually doubling down, raising the stakes of his recent Neo-Stalinist Tsarism. Experts, basing their calculations on a recent speech broadcast on Russian state-run TV, believe that we are indeed in for a new Cold War, much worse than before.  This time the West will see if European leaders have what it takes to find other sources of gas and oil so as to reduce their dependency on Russian natural resources. At the same time, there is a fear that the collapse of a Russian sphere of influence in the West may lead to the country looking eastward to China.

I'm just so easy to write about! You're welcome.

I’m just so easy to write about! You’re welcome.






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