A Warrior against Bullshit: Mark Adomanis

I recently got acquainted with the work of Mark Adomanis via this rather popular Washington Post piece entitled “It’s not just about the Malaysian flight. Russians are living in an alternate reality.” From what I gather in the article, he hasn’t spent much time here, but he catches on very quickly. I’ve been reading a few of his other articles and each time I see the things I’ve been saying for years, telling me that there are people out there who really get it, even without spending nearly a decade in Russia. Here are a few articles that deserve your attention.

“Russia is not Nigeria”

Here Mark uses a revolutionary concept known as “citing facts and reality,” to debunk pithy, bastardized quotes about Russia in the media. Quotes like “Russia is Nigeria with snow” are derived from the German chancellor Schmidt’s quote that the Soviet Union was “the Upper Volta with rockets.” The fact that this meme gets reworked and regurgitated shows how unoriginal and stuck in the Cold War many journalists are.

The Nation Accuses Ukraine Of Plotting To Seize Its Own Territory

Here Mark simultaneously takes down Stephen Cohen’s Putin apologetic while giving the Ukrainian government criticism it justly deserves. Amazing!

This kid is gonna go far!



4 thoughts on “A Warrior against Bullshit: Mark Adomanis

  1. Estragon

    He’s variable, IMHO. Very good at cutting thru BS when he feels like it, but some of his stuff is too speculative and/or uncritical of conventional wisdom. I think he lost a bit of his edge when he moved to Forbes.

      1. Estragon

        I agree with you, but just to take one example from that first article: Russians view the Syrian war “not as a brave struggle for freedom but as a chaotic war of all against all.” I submit that, if one takes into account the small proportion of Americans who actually know anything about Syria, most of them probably view it the same way. (If there are facts to the contrary, I would be glad to know about them.)

        I know from one source of mine that, among people writing to Congress re: getting involved in Syria, about 90% of messages were against it. Obviously the media and politicians haven’t been able to convince most Americans that the Syrian events are “a brave struggle for freedom.” People are much more cynical about that kind of rhetoric than they used to be.

  2. Big Bill Haywood Post author

    Ah I didn’t catch that Syria thing. Yeah the anti-Syria stuff is nonsense and Putin definitely got busted clock points on that. I’m still mad about how much attention the chemical weapons claim got when it was aimed at Syria, vs. the silence when Seymour Hersh exposed that it was a lie.


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