Russia Without BS goes interactive! (contest)

I need something to distract me from the recent tragedy and the troubles ahead, so I decided to offer an interactive challenge to the readers. Here’s how it works:

Russian Copypasta Challenge!

1. Remember this article, entitled “Be the Pundit?”

2. Choose any of the paragraphs on that site and try to pass them off as actual arguments in comments sections or social media discussions with minimal alteration. Obviously a few of them have some humorous sentences which might give them away, so taking those out or replacing them with your own words doesn’t count against you.

3. If you manage to get a response and people take your “argument” seriously, get screen caps of their response and send it here to be immortalized. (If the person is using a real name, e.g. on Facebook, their names will be blacked out assuming you do not do so before sending in your entry.)

Bonus points if you manage to start a major argument, flame war, or bait some know-it-all college student into writing a ten page response to your copypasta complete with sources.  Using multiple paragraphs to chain combos will also earn credit.  Good luck!



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