This shit right here

This. Look at this picture. Look at it!


That’s the new Ukrainian dictator president, Poroshenko, wearing a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, the kind you could find in the souvenir stores of Kyiv.  And it pisses me off to no end. You see there is this thing I’ve noticed about Ukrainian politics, and for me it goes back to Yulia Tymoshenko.

Tymoshenko was basically an oligarch who reinvented herself as a type of Ukrainian patriot, supposedly by taking a crash-course in Ukrainian and then getting her famous, traditional hair braid. I remember my first visit to Kyiv in 2007 and let me tell you that what surrounded Tymoshenko was nothing short of a cult of personality on par with that of Putin. Souvenirs with her picture were plentiful, and people called her things like “Lady Yulia.” Nothing could be more absurd than an oligarch in Ukraine pretending to have some kind of connection with the people. If Yulia truly wanted to experience the life of the modern Ukrainian farm girl, she should have spent a few months working in a Greek brothel, preferably on the condition that an actual Ukrainian girl is released in exchange.  Braiding your hair doesn’t make you one of the people, except in Ukraine, apparently.

And so it is with President Willy Wonka. A billionaire puts on a traditional shirt and suddenly he’s as Ukrainian as every other Ukrainian. This is the kind of bullshit which flies when you have a nationalist mindset, even if it’s not as extreme as that of Svoboda or Praviy Sektor. You think your country, as you define it, is your team, and if Poroshenko wears your team colors he’s on your team! Idiocy. Sheer, unadulterated, idiocy.

I also need to point out that Putin actually comes out better compared to Ukraine’s posturing, costumed politicians in this respect. I’ve rarely if ever seen Putin walking around in traditional Russian dress, whether it be traditional peasant style or the more modern traditional dress, consisting of fake Adidas track pants, sweater, and a leather jacket.  But who’s to say this tactic wouldn’t work in Russia just as well as it does in Ukraine? Perhaps the best way Putin could recover his popularity is to simply go around wearing a traditional Russian kosovorotka.

"We're the same, me and you. Except I have a net worth equal to the GDP of Belize and I live in a walled compound in Rublevka. Other than that we are the same."

“We’re the same, me and you. Except I have a net worth equal to the GDP of Belize and I live in a walled compound in Rublevka. Other than that we are the same.”



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