Goddammit, RT!

Unfortunately I’m a bit behind on my main upcoming entries due to my changing schedule, but I wanted to make sure I had at least one update this week.  Recently I saw this story from RT in my news feed. It’s about Cecily McMillan, an Occupy Wall Street activist who was sentenced to three months in prison and five years probation for assaulting a plainclothes police officer. Indeed there is some injustice here, given that McMillan claimed that she instinctively elbowed the cop when he grabbed her breast from behind. Being familiar with dozens of stories of police abusing their power, often involving sexual harassment of some kind, this seems entirely plausible.  It is, without a doubt, an injustice.  The problem I have with this story, however, is the messenger.

Remember this is the network which has editorial writers who defend the sentence of Pussy Riot, and which generally defends the Russian government which is culpable for that ridiculous sentence.  Let’s do the math:

“Assault” a cop = Three months and five years probation

Sing an incoherent song in a church = 2 years in a labor colony

This kind of shit from RT drives me up the wall. The idea of stories like these is that you’re supposed to read them, roll your eyes, and think, “Land of the free, right?” While these stories are indeed true and they are injustices, in almost every case you can find an even more egregious example which happened or in some cases which regularly happens in Russia.  This is especially true considering that Russian court cases are known to have ridiculously high conviction rates.



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