Yes, they are fascists.

A common meme coming from apologists of Maidan states that Russia’s cries of fascism within their movement constitute nothing but baseless propaganda.  Some of the slightly more honest among these individuals will admit to the existence of what they call “fringe” groups like Praviy Sektor, while totally ignoring larger, more influential organizations such as the Svoboda party.  In case you continue to doubt the involvement of fascism in Ukrainian politics, take a look at what happened when Ukrainian nationalists attempted to attack an anti-fascist meeting…in Chicago.  No, there’s no Chicago in Ukraine.

Most interesting is that they left a propaganda leaflet explaining their ideology. An examination of the leaflet openly proclaims textbook fascist ideas. In the past, groups like this in Canada and the US learned to conceal certain less-palatable aspects of their hatred, but while they don’t call out their enemies such as Jews and Russians, it’s quite clear that this is a right wing movement which would exclude anyone who falls outside their arbitrary definition of nation.   The text also truly highlights the intellectual bankruptcy of Ukraine’s “patriots,” as it is largely a literary clusterfuck of mystical bullshit.  Today’s Ukrainians, particularly the nationalists of Galicia, have no real, concrete connection to Kievian Rus or the Cossack Hetmanate any more than the modern Englishman is connected to a pre-1066 Saxon peasant.

But I’m sure this organized attack was nothing but a “provocation” engineered by Russia’s intelligence services, who of course are well known to have a strong presence in the Windy City. Right, Tim Snyder?

On that note I’d like to say one more thing on the topic of calling various groups fascists.  There seems to be a bizarre form of “logic” dominating Russo-Ukrainian relations at the moment, whereby some partisans of Maidan seem to be literally suggesting that the presence of fascists in Russia(and there are many) somehow negates the existence of those in Ukraine, and perhaps vice versa on the part of many of Team Russia’s fans.  If you hold either belief, you are a complete imbecile and should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery for the sake of public safety.

Pictured: Load of bullshit written by a complete and utter moron.

Pictured: Load of bullshit written by a complete and utter moron.

1 thought on “Yes, they are fascists.

  1. Stuart

    I agree completely re your comment about the use of fascist by both sides. On the heritage linked point of course the problem is perception v reality. One can read plenty of comments by English White people in our mainstream media (not far right per se) going on about the indigenous Anglo Saxon population and as much as it’s tempting to point out that the Celts have got a better claim to be the original inhabitants and not a load of sausage eaters from North Germany, Holland etc it’s ultimately silly since the Celts themselves were incomers. But seemingly more people in the UK believe this sort of stuff (and voted UKIP) than voted for far right parties in Ukraine by a factor of 2 or 3 (indeed half those who voted in the UK went for non progressive parties and presumably the 34% who didn’t vote couldn’t be bothered or favour action on the streets – who knows)


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