Short update

In the previous entry, I tackled Sergei Markov’s delusional, condescending rant in Moscow Times, which is usually .  In that piece, Markov insists that the entire Western media through the Ukrainian crisis has been totally biased against Russia. While that is often true(though not because of some kind of anti-Russian conspiracy), I have posted numerous articles from mainstream Western sources which counter the mainstream opinions on Russia. In virtually every entry on Ukraine I’ve made, I’ve usually linked to a story countering the mainstream narratives on the struggle in that country.  I’ve love to see Markov provide some examples of dissenting opinions from Channel One(the main state-run channel) some time.

Recently I found another interesting article, from a former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union comments on the present Russia-USA relationship, with some very interesting historical facts which people like Markov prefer to ignore.  I highly encourage the reader to compare the style, tone, and maturity of this article to that of Markov’s.

The U.S. has treated Russia like a loser since the end of the Cold War.

I’d like to comment further but I am short on time as I write this.  Suffice to say that this idea that the US squandered its chances for a better relationship with Russia was a large factor in why I became a Russophile around 1999. Obviously there are a few points in the piece I could contest, but I don’t think it merits the time.

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