Two can play that game!

Apparently Russia is not the only country which can engage in accusations of rigging in the Olympics.  Take a look at this. Honestly I don’t give a shit about figure skating or the Olympics for that matter, but one part of this article deserves attention.

 “We know that the judges’ panel for the women’s free skate did not include a Korean judge (or an American one) but did include four from Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, and Slovakia.”

Uh yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I’m sorry if I don’t find this idiotic conspiracy of Eastern Europeans to be pretty credible, seeing as how Estonians hate Russians, the Ukrainian judge might be a Maidan supporter, and Slovakia frankly doesn’t give a shit.  This, folks, is an example of anti-Russian/Eastern European racism, the idea that all those Borat-y people are naturally going to support one another. Estonian, Latvian, Slovakian, Slavonian, Kreplachian, Kizikstanian…They’re all the same, right?    

Stick to commenting on figure skating.  


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