A much-needed backlash

Perhaps we’ll look back on Sochi 2014 and see some positive outcome in terms of news coverage about Russia. It seems that the gleeful bashing of Russia has managed to provoke a serious backlash by journalists who are known for their criticism of the country’s authorities.  Do take some time to read this piece, for example. Ask yourself if the Wall Street Journal would write about say, India or China the way they’ve been writing about Russia. One thing is for sure, the negative media has certainly brought to light a form of racism that we’re seeing here. In fact it has done so to the extent that I’ve had to delay my upcoming series on anti-Russian/Eastern European racism just to blog about some of the stories you have seen here recently.  

I don’t want to sound too hopeful, but there is a possibility that if the major media outlets catch wind of a serious backlash to sensationalist, biased, and downright racist reporting about Russia, they will eventually moderate themselves and try to be more objective.  So long as they believe it will serve the bottom line, of course. The “information war” is really a war for profit.  

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